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Post  Admin on 3rd November 2009, 4:35 pm


Source : DVD


Released : December 18, 2008
Genre : Drama
Starcast : Silambarasan,Sana Khan,Sneha

Description :
The story of Silambattam happens in two distinct periods; the narration switches over between the two periods. The opening scene shows Vichu (Silambarasan) as a quiet youngster brought up by the village priest (Nedumudi Venu), also his maternal grandfather and guardian. Owing to specific reasons, the caring elder has purposefully toned down (Simbu uses his eyes to convey the inner quietude of Vichu) the young boy's emotional quotient and has taught him a peculiar art of living. As a result, Vichu is soft-spoken, passive and is groomed to tolerate all sorts of malicious misdemeanors aimed at him. Vichu assists his grandfather in carrying out the religious rituals as well as being the care-taker of the temple. Vichu's only consolation comes in the company of his sweetheart Janu (Sana Khan). Janu's kiddish jokes and teasing remarks make up for all the precious and youthful moments he has missed in his growing-up years. The film has anti-brahmin themes and follows many films of its class in projecting the brahmin girls and aunts in the raunchy yet in a funny way. Though Simbu abides by the elderly person's advices, an incident that happens in the temple premises reveals his real persona. On the particular day, Vichu witnesses a big band of ruffians bashing a seemingly meek individual. Becoming furious at the sight of the power-play, Vichu gets into the tussle and saves the victim. But, as the man takes a hard look at his savior face, he is stunned! What is the secrecy in Vichu's past? How does it intimidate the stranger? Cut to a flashback, there is a huge clash between the two village groups headed by Muthuvel (Prabhu) and Veeraiyan (Ponvannan). Reason? Veeriayan claims back every bit of land he has donated to the landless and poor villagers whereas Muthuvel and his brother Tamizh ( Silambarasan ) oppose his order. In the violent power-struggle, too many people die. It includes the fervent activist Tamizh, his dear wife Gayathri ( Sneha ) and Veeraiyan himself. Only Veeraiyan's last son Duraisingham (Kishore of Polladhavan fame) and Muthuvel are spared in the tragedy. The burning intensity of the mishap stays alive in Duraisingham's heart and Muthuvel is another witness to the past. What happens next? What is the connection between Vichu and Tamizh? What part does Vichu play in settling the long-term dispute? How does he explain the knotty situation to his grandfather who has scrupulously disciplined him all these years? Silambattam has a riveting tale to tell!

Duration :
Size :


Silambattam : Part-1 (Size-96.2 MB)
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Silambattam : Part -2 (Size-94.4 MB)
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